scott shower teen wolf

of attachment

Summary: "Is it wrong?" she questioned, curiously. "Is it wrong to be attached to something?" Ficlet.
Word Count: 1157
Genre: Gen (hints of Romance)
Characters: Ahsoka, Rex, Anakin

Notes: Unbeated. Just trying to get into the Star Wars: TCW groove tbh.

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i couldn't live with out him (outfit)

nevermind forget poetry

he calls her though
that name is older than she can

her sister's death is the catalyst
of victories won
of betrayal and deciet crawling 
over them like arachne's webs

the girl raves of futures
that have yet to
come to pass
of destines and fate
metal machines
and structures
as tall as the mountains
murder the girl screams
sacrifice and murder

she knows 
that when iphigenia's blood 
poured across the dust
troy was felled

she never understands
whether it was worth it